In recognition of Dr. Clague Hodgson, Nature Technology Corporation

This week we  at tip our hats to Dr. Clague Hodgson and his colleagues at Nature Technology Corporation. NTC is an awesome company that has made substantial contributions to the DNA vaccine field by developing new plasmid vectors and improved manufacturing technologies. NTC is highly collaborative and we thank them for the great work they do!  We will be sending a small gift in appreciation.

Nature Technology Corporation is a discovery-based bioengineering technology company, providing industry solutions for biopharmaceutical development: vectors; strains; processes; and products; including manufacturing and technology transfer. NTC specializes in services for manufacturing recombinant plasmids (gene therapeutics and DNA vaccines) and proteins.

Please feel free to nominate anybody or anything that you feel has had a positive impact in the DNA vaccine field.  At the end of the year, we will recognize the DNA Vaccine Person of the Year. More details to come.