DNAvaccine.com Offers Complimentary Pass

DNAvaccine.com  has a complimentary pass available for the the 2nd World Bispecific Antibody Summit, April 24-26 in Berlin, Germany.  If you are interested and able to attend this event, please contact me at  victoria@dnavaccine.com so arrangements can be made.

Here’s an exclusive video interview with Zymeworks’ President & CEO, Ali Tehrani. Ali spoke at last year’s inaugural World Bispecific Antibody Summit about their pipeline, the collaboration with Merck and how the field is moving forward.  The video can be viewed at:     www.bispecific.com/video

Ali spoke about how they are targeting cancer and AI indications with their heterodimeric IgG1 bispecific antibodies and other multivalent antibody scaffolds.  He also shares some interesting insights into the Zymeworks collaboration with Merck & Co. and how they intend to continue to use their protein engineering experience to share drug development.

The video was filmed at the sell-out World Bispecific Antibody Summit in Boston last September.