DNAvaccine.com History
The DNA Vaccine Web was launched in 1995 by Robert Whalen, one of the “DNA vaccine pioneers.” The DVW eventually became DNAvaccine.com and has always been a central resource to the fields of DNA vaccinology and non-viral gene transfer. DNAvaccine.com has helped to teach people about nucleic acid vaccines, find funding opportunities, define collaborative networks, launch new companies, and much more.

LinkedIn Advantages
We hope to build a stronger, more efficient network is through DNAvaccine.com’s LinkedIn group. For instance, we will use this group to first announce paper preprints and free conference passes. We will also be using the group to announce upcoming webinars and funding opportunities.

Your Website
We also want to stress that this is your website. If you have been following DNAvaccine.com over the years, you are familiar with much of what the site offers. However, we want to go way beyond what we have done in the past. We want this to be your website. If you have any suggestions for improvements, or if there is something we don’t have which you would like to see, please send us your ideas.

Guest Editors/Contributing Editors
Dr. Robert Whalen – Altravax
Dr. Gopin Raj – Anquagen
Dr. Ali Harandi- Sahlgrenska Academy at University of Gothenburg
Dr. John Ballantyne – Aldevron
Mrs. Michelle Berg - Aldevron
Ms. Emma Christy – Aldevron
Mrs. Cindy Biffert - Aldevron